♫♪  Maxwell August Croy - Kaniza

Although he’s been a part of a number of projects, including En and his collaborations with Sean McCann, Maxwell August Croy just dropped his solo debut, Kaniza. The cassette, the first of a two part series being released by Psychic Troubles, finds Croy utilizing koto, piano, and an array of electronics for a set of tranquil, low key tunes that are best suited for when you need a break from constantly checking Twitter or Buzzfeed, and you just want to relax, pet your cat, and zone out. Recorded in Woodinville WA, San Francisco, CA and Saratoga, WY, Kaniza is just what the doctor ordered, and I’m already excited about Yagiza, the previously mentioned companion cassette, which was culled from the same sessions as this one. For now, though, Kaniza is available in digital and cassette formats from Psychic Troubles.

If you’re reading this and thinking, “I want to know more about this guy,” keep a watch on Tiny Mix Tapes for an interview I did with En, Maxwell’s duo project with James Devane. At the risk of being self-serving, I must say it’s great stuff.

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