♫♪  Merzbow Marhaug - “Mer Mar” [excerpt]

If there’s no public bathroom to share with people at your work, then the office will eventually fall apart. Think of it as showers after a sports game. Or the locker room. The more private groups of people form, the more the whole office feels like people are gossiping. Lack of camaraderie comes from little to no neutral physical public submission. Lemme check that. No. Neutral. Physical. Public. Submission. It’s like taking a loud shit, two coworkers coming in to take a leak, and them being cool with the situation because where the fuck else y’all going to take internal business? Thus, this Mer Mar LP by Merzbow Marhaug (on sale meow at Editions Mego) places listeners at both an acceptable distance and neutral submission. It’s more than 45 minutes in length, sounds like tearing apart a body with electronics, and if you listen to it in the world surrounding your world, that means — I think — you’ve just submitted yourself to both the grinding of mantle and walking on dirt. Maybe. Who is this C Monster guy, anyway?

• Merzbow Marhaug: http://www.merzbow.net
• Editions Mego: http://editionsmego.com

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