♫♪  M.E.S.H - Hesaitix

District three_Sector six-eight,

Clearance level: None

The Underbelly: An area located in the southeast area of the city. Known for its housing of both the resistance and the city slums. Unofficial propaganda indicates a distaste for local and national government, economic policies, and law enforcement.

Not marked by any clear architectural boundaries, the underbelly is both formless and far-reaching, only able to be classified through a generalization of the surrounding neighborhoods. The zone has pockets in opposite ends of the city, often categorized by damaged property and an increase in illegal advertising for the resistance. These spaces are known to be more concentrated and therefore, violent, please avoid if you have found yourself here.

Attempts to rejuvenate the area through public works and tax breaks have been futile and often result in tension between officials and citizens. Every day, the political ideology of the area extends to other areas of the city, further polluting once crime-free areas. City leaders are currently weighing the consequences of destroying said areas and replacing them with upscale neighborhoods, forcing the population to spread and thin out to separate corners of the city, decreasing their level of threat.

We advise all citizens and visitors to avoid these areas unless necessary. Alternate routes have been highlighted on city maps and constantly being evaluated and updated.

The vinyl and digital copies of Hesaitix, the latest by SHAPE-affiliated artist M.E.S.H., are available below, via PAN.

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