♫♪  M.E.S.H. - “Omb Extrusus / Glassel Extrusus”

I first streamed M.E.S.H.’s Omb Extrusus / Glassel Extrusus on my phone while riding passenger on a summer afternoon. Cars were whizzing by in a fury while the cracked highway vomited visible waves of heat. The car’s A/C was little more than a cough of lukewarm air, providing little relief from the afternoon’s suffocating heat. Outside it was grey with pollution and overcast.

When I looked at the EP’s cover art, I perceived an overhead shot of some desert highway, really hazy, grim, barren. I’m not sure that’s what it actually is, but that’s certainly what it seemed like at the time, I guess because my present condition was that of being engulfed by sweltering heat on some shit highway.

As I listened to the warbles of brutalist ambience that the SHAPE-affiliated artist delivers on these two tracks, I became fascinated by illusory perception as I searched for and imagined familiar sounds. In the face of the unknown, perhaps our natural reaction is to look for something that we recognize, and often that means searching for something that isn’t there.

Stream M.E.S.H.’s Omb Extrusus / Glassel Extrusus below, and purchase/download here.

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