So yeah there’s some juice and spit smudged into the woodgrain your gripping, and yeah you’re coasting along corners with MGKRP / JOTA ESE in the deck, creaming your ears and limbs and loins with it’s warped and screwed pleasure measured out for those purple folds and onion peels you call your bits, but you don’t need to get all hot and bothered. Relax, dude. Breath. Keep coasting. Keep vibing. Keep flipping between the two gods MGKRP and JOTA ESE, and stay good and got with clutch production from them beat cats.

Go ahead and grip one of the limited cassettes from Cindys Tapes NOW, and be sure to check out the other split they just released, featuring BUG BUS PIANO (!) and OOAA. It’s a real winner, too!

MGKRP: https://mgkrp.bandcamp.com
JOTA ESE: https://soundcloud.com/jotaese
CINDYS TAPES: https://cindystapes.bandcamp.com

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