I woke up. I took a special selfie. I wrote a note. I got a coffee. I took the train home. I danced in my room. I showered. I went back out. I met up with a friend to go shopping. I bought an ephemeral tan dress, a vintage pink slip, a vintage Prada button down (my first piece of designer clothing), a white turtleneck made in San Francisco, and a large men’s short sleeved button up shirt. I drunk champagne with passionfruit. I bought her lunch. I came back home. I made my lunch for Monday and Tuesday. I swept and Swiffered the kitchen floor and hallway stairs. I sat at my desk. I got tired. I sat in bed. I remembered I liked your post about your mix. I listened to your mix. I liked a song, which, by the track list, I took to be “miaux” (might not be though). Looked up Miaux. Suspended in “Laguna.”

Chocolate Grinder

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