♫♪  Michael Kwan - รอมเฟสงบรรเสงอัน ยุคใหม่

I don’t remember how I first heard about PetPets’ TAPES, but I do remember accidentally losing them into the vacuum of exited browser tabs. To be honest, it was a tough loss. For months, I (halfheartedly) tried to remember the name of the label. I (sort of) scoured the pools and pockets (I mainly just played pocket-pool) of links and embeds to rediscover the long-lost music they helped place back into the public (private). Ultimately, my (non)efforts were of no avail. It seemed that, in the end, the label had vanished forever.

That is until the majestic steed called the INTERNET came galloping towards me with answers. As I logged into Bandcamp one fine day, I read the name PetPets’ TAPES on my feed, saw the cover art for รอมเฟสงบรรเสงอัน ยุคใหม่, and knew instantly that I was to be reunited once again with the French archival label. Oh, how I leapt (not really) with joy when it all came together!

And then, when I listened to the entirety of รอมเฟสงบรรเสงอัน ยุคใหม่ (the Thai version of the soundtrack to the 1978 mini-series Reincarnated), I truly knew that everything was once again okay.

Basically a crate digger’s cream dream, the album features psych rock guitars, funky drums and fuzzy basslines, siren strings, uptempo horn blasts, experimental synthesizer flourishes, and so on and so on. So, again, a crate digger’s wet dream. What delights!

Scope it below, and watch portions of Reincarnated here.

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