♫♪  Micheal545onYouTube - DearlyBeloved

Plunder, plonder. Clicking, through and through, to YouTubey depths the Bandcamp commune currently called revive arrives at Total Pokemon: where to, who so, sooth say, andtime. This is a Michael545 Production. HE OWNS NOTHING.

“Y on earth did Corsla vote off Ursaring.”
“I was disappointed hearing Flareon having a wife … I was hoping for a Eeveelution and Eeveelution relationship.”
“Holy Shinx.”
“I thought you were going to say Tyranitars wet dream.”
“Ditto is secretly batman.”

Sometimes, I read the comments. Sometimes, the comments read me back, and I ask, analytically, what is a community? Analytically, YouTube can’t really tell me. Four of my seven YouTube subscribers are private. Michael545’s subscribers ask for more and ever more. Michael545, we need you. Michael545onYoutube, necessitating and necessarily, we need you, too.

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