♫♪  Microkingdom - Smooth Tendencies

New and improved mesmerizing full-length gold from formidable no jazz trio Microkingdom (Will Redman, Marc Miller, John Dierker) plays tender fisticuffs with Eugene Genre until it deforms. Note their sporting style: line-blurring improvisation and composition; cranking the film reel faster while battling Battling Butler; folding the skyline over to see the view, then closing the shutter; animation cels soaked in synthetic blends, ranging wet to bone-dry, rags soaking up the extra sauce, detail in the deviled eggs; baptizing rare kinetic and pure moments in the mainstream; spinning the globe and assimilating its rotating geography.

Yes, Microkingdom crams in the whole damn globe - universe music spirit language - while dodging the pitfall of eclecticism, the demon of distraction. In fact, after cramming in the whole damn globe, they exhale spirals of personal sound, that, if you were to lick your finger and hold it in the air, you might feel the breeze of an outside wind enter between the shutter’s slats, but, noting no change in temperature on the thermostat, you conclude that their kingdom is impenetrable, and of unique architecture. Singularity in the gatehouse; cross traffic in the keep.

• Microkingdom: http://microkingdom.com
• Friends Records: https://friendsrecords.bandcamp.com

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