♫♪  Micromelancolié - Streaming

I really like the fact that track names on many Micromelancolié releases don’t give anything away. Often, they’re either untitled, variations on a phrase, or simply names which indicate the order that the tracks should be heard in. The tracklist on the Polish artist’s latest, titled Streaming and released on tape by the ever-wonderful Never Anything Records, belongs in the last category. The track names are just a little wave “~”, getting longer and longer. And I mean, that’s pretty awesome, ‘cause you know, many single waves (“~”) eventually form a little stream (“~~~~~~”) and the album is called Streaming… Very clever.

The music is wonderful too: lots of tape loops, frozen reverbs, and plenty of crackles, bloops and vocal samples make an appearance too. The opening “~” feels like the most sparse piece and a really wonderful intro to the tape. Track 4 “~~~~”, perhaps the most energetic piece, begins like a little stream of water, but develops into a full-blown dance piece. In general though, Streaming feels fluid and free(ing). The closing track “~~~~~~” is a prime example, moving from a regular looping melody pattern into some very abstract ambient territory and back.

Streaming was released in Never Anything Records’ latest batch alongside works by Nils Quak, Event Cloak and Peter Kris. Check the whole lot over at the label’s Bandcamp and stream Streaming below:

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