♫♪  Midday Veil - “Babel”

Within a vibrant musical and artistic community in Seattle, Midday Veil plays a pretty big role. In addition to the “main event” of the band, each member takes part in a number of music and art projects, and I could try and list all of them but you’d do well by going HERE and linking out to everyone’s respective projects (word to the wise: bassist/guitarist Jayson Kochan’s and multi-instrumentalist Timm Mason’s bombed out space disco projects for MOTOR rule), and you’ll get the idea that this quintet does a lot. Since their previous Midday Veil release, 2013’s The Current, it’s not out of the question to wonder where they might find the time to make another MV record, but lo and behold, The Wilderness arrives September 11. Album opener “Babel” is a funky take on their proggy, psych-leaning jams, with Golightly’s mind-fraying synth work an obvious highlight, since the guy is just so damn good. Everything about “Babel” suggests the group is firing on all cylinders for the album, from singer/songwriter Emily Pothast’s on point vocals to drummer Garrett Moore’s blasted beats. Brooklyn’s Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records is handling the CD and vinyl release, and you can pre-orders your copy here.

• Midday Veil: http://middayveil.com
• Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records: http://beyondbeyondisbeyond.com

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