Mike Donovan
“New Fieldhand Bop”

In case you haven’t heard, Sic Alps broke up :’( . But never fear, because frontman Mike Donovan is coming down from the Alps-aintop with his first solo LP, Wot. “New Fieldhand Bop” marks a departure from the buzzy, fuzzy Sic sound, venturing into more acoustic territory; think of it as a front-porch affair, consisting of our boy, his acoustic guitar, and little else. Clearly, he’s in a pastoral, “Wild Horses” mood this time around — then again, he’s always been somewhat of a nature boy. According to Rian Murphy, our in-house expert on all things Sic, Donovan is “still alit on allusive trips, lost in crystal canyons, turning a phrase with an acid flick of the wrist-watch.” Lost in crystal canyons? Can’t wait to hear how that turned out.

Wot’s that? You want to know when the album is dropping? Drag City will deliver the Californian troubador’s latest bundle of joy on October 15. In the weeks leading up to the LP’s release, Donovan will also be hitting the road with Ty Segall, Huxley Anne, and Sun Foot for a brief West Coast tour. If you’re living on Pacific Standard Time and are still down with the Sicness, the three-week stint will be just the thing to help you get over your post-breakup blues.

• Mike Donovan / Sic Alps(RIP): http://www.sicalps.com
• Drag City: http://www.dragcity.com

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