♫♪  Minogame - “Promise”

Forget math rock. Minogame’s compositional geometry is a patchwork of equations digitally clipped from Midwestern basements and distant bodies beyond the Hubble’s scope. “Promise”, the next-to-last breakcore groove on the Coloradoan’s Lemongrass EP, culls the better part of its texture from the latter, hurrying an angular twinkle-pop guitar riff through a gauntlet of funhouse contortions. Minogame’s cut-and-pasted breaks skitter like an android’s attempt at free-jazz improvisation, dodging any semblance of rhythm for an ecosystem of mutant percussion. Snares collide with hats, forming chemical bonds that make up an atmosphere so dense it’s conversely roomy. The fog clouds your view until all that’s left is a single point of light: I see American Football. I see Two Door Cinema Club, Dustin Wong.

Let the rain soak you and you’ll feel less wet. Bite your tongue and numb the pain. Let “Promise” pummel you with drums until all you hear is the crisp noodling of tinny lead guitar.

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