♫♪  miraa & smuv - under palm trees

Assuming the beautiful and bleak bleed like fresh cuts to you, mirra and smuv’s under palm trees is a stretch of passing serenades to swell your romantic heart with timely drums and culled vinyl samples. It’s just you, your shadow, and some half-remembered serotonin by way of perfectly crafted beats for this audibly enjoyable voyage.

On under palm trees, it feels as if you’re hearing how miraa & smuv hear music; experiencing the cuts, jumps and repositioning of their collective sample based styles through their ears. It’s like flipping through their bookshelves and reading their underlined passages; finding notes tucked into the folds of the pressed pages, questioning the handwriting, and placing it back on the shelf until the next opportunity to peek. Truly, under palm trees is something personal, limited, and special, depending if your listening or not.

• mirra: https://soundcloud.com/mirabeatz
• smuv: https://soundcloud.com/asmuvone

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