♫♪  Miracle Strip - “Girl Gang”

Portabello, Edinburgh

You strut down the beach promenade, clutching an irn brew ice cream, and the smell of fetid sea water clings to your skin. On the distant horizon sits a gleaming white yacht. Something about its perfect contortions of plastic and fiberglass feels… dirty. There’s an inescapable seediness to such shining, high-cost islands of personal pleasure. This is helped by the faint smell of sewage still lingering after your impromptu dip. Luckily, we are all too polite to say anything.

Miracle Strip do well to show us the cracks. “Girl Gang” is three and a half minutes of thrusting, roughed-up pop music, imbued with a narrative flare that seems rare in much contemporary song writing — filth, mystery, sexual tension — the luminescent panels of some modern noir comic book, set in Scotland of course. The record contrasts a plunging lead vocal that works to recall, then escape, your favorite bass-baritone — Stevie M? Aidy M? Scotty W?! — with a collection of stolen synths that summon a moment in-or-around 1982, when we’re told that the future last really sounded like the future.

Stripped back down to your Speedos, you stand, feet blue in the cold lapping waves. What can we do but wash in the dirty water?

“Girl Gang” is released as a limited-edition deluxe 7-inch white vinyl on October 21 via Glasgow gig promoters/micro-indie label Simply Thrilled Records. If you are in this neck of the woods, the record will be launched with a headline show at Glasgow’s The Old Hairdresser’s on Friday, October 25.

The single also has a rockin’ bunny-trip of a video to accompany it, filmed in Rio De Janeiro.

• Miracle Strip : http://miracle-strip.tumblr.com
• Simply Thrilled Records: https://www.facebook.com/SimplyThrilled

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