♫♪  Mister Wallace - “THIS IS MISTER WALLACE CALLING” (DJ Earl Remix)

Teklife extraordinaire DJ Earl remixes Mister Wallace’s and Swaguerrilla’s Matrixxman edit “THIS IS MISTER WALLACE CALLING”, transforming it from a very live-feeling ballroom and house track into a footwork & techno-influenced beat without sacrificing the feeling that Mister Wallace’s vocals are very much in the room. Wallace and Swaguerrilla (of Chicago collective Banjee Report) and DJ Earl are interested in showcasing the liveness of electronic music, that ability to create an experience that fully embraces computers without anonymizing the organic elements that come from the human being. The listener feels as if they know Wallace even though they’ve only heard a small number of words. #FUTUREHOOD (Banjee Report’s label) as a name seems appropriate, as it acknowledges the queer, community-oriented beginnings of house music by only featuring Chicago based artists with an emphasis on a queer vocal and a sound that reminds us of the original house sounds, but simultaneously feels very 2015. Perhaps that’s because of the sci-fi synths, or the computer aided vocal repetitions, or the house sounds on a very quick BPM. In any case, it’s clear the production doesn’t fall into overprocessing to make it sound futuristic, but trusts its own consistency in order to bang on the dancefloor.

• Mister Wallace: https://soundcloud.com/misterwallaceii
• DJ Earl: https://soundcloud.com/djearlteckz
• Banjee Report: https://soundcloud.com/banjeereport

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