♫♪  Mo Kolours - “Banana Wine”

Although banana wine may make the London-based Mo Kolours “feel roudy,” this is surely not the expression I would use to describe the sensation that is experienced when listening to his music. Maybe “mellow,” “soothed,” “irie,” or “chillaxin’” would be terms I’d use. Nonetheless, this guy really has an ability to transmit peacefulness and relaxation through music, which is especially prevalent on the title track from Kolours’ stoned sophomore release EP2: Banana Wine, to be released by One-Handed Music on March 19.

It is clear that the half-Mauritian producer is strongly fueled by his tropical island roots, as heard through the raw yet precise percussion and the purely carefree energy that is retained throughout the entire record. But what really makes this music so fascinating is the undeniable urban influence of his current London residence, as heard in the sample-heavy hip-hop structures that serve as the basis for Mo Kolours’ rootsy expression. This music finds itself rooted deeply in a place very calming and familiar yet allows foundation for some genuine experimentalism.

• Mo Kolours: http://mokolours.bandcamp.com/album/ep2-banana-wine
• One-Handed Music: http://onehandedmusic.com

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