♫♪  mob - “ubnorma”

Burl’s sitting on a bloated cow carcass, surrounded by other gas-filled rotting cattle, in a rendering plant, eating a sandwhich and softly kicking his feet against the belly of the black and white body. He’s to be taken to jail soon, again, for the uptenth time. Burl like’s to drink and do bad things. Things he shouldn’t do. But he’s a reasonable guy, always complying with the police when they find him. They’ve gotten to the point, in fact, that they don’t use the handcuffs anymore. He goes without a struggle. He even helps out in the jail, making sure his cell mates act accordingly. He likes helping.

Burl’s almost done with his sandwich. He can see the rotating red and blue lights through the cracks of the paired slates of paint-chipped wood. The police officers are not going to let him take his sandwhich with him, so he keeps taking bites, even though his mouth is already full, eating more and more, filling and filling and filling and filling.

7-inch lathe cuts of “ubnorma” by mob (Athens, Greece residents George and Dimitris) are still available via jujufrootcoop. Edition of ten, with five already spoken for.

• jujufrootcoop: https://jujufrootcoop.bandcamp.com

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