♫♪  monument XIII - honestly

Hey guess what, surfers? Will Burnett (who we know best around here as INTERNET CLUB, but also as Datavis, ECCO UNLIMITED, among others) has released some fresh silky synthetic new material. This time, he’s calling himself monument XIII, and the new record is titled honestly. And honestly, honesty could be a theme here with these new tunes. The vaporwave boom of 2012 was a wondrous thing, but it was hard for some people to take seriously — and for good reason. A lot of artists may have produced this new digital age music tongue-in-cheek, as they chopped and screwed call-waiting muzak and pitch-shifted the fuck out of Sade vocals. Burnett has been a leading figure in this movement to make super-cheesy sound hella-dope, and perhaps now it’s time to be honest. monument XIII takes a layer of cheese off and adds some rich, organic ingredients like raw saxophone and tracks of pure drone, to create a simpler and more natural product. Kinda like Papa John’s.

Download it here and stream the first track, “ice,” below:

• INTERNET CLUB: http://internetclubdotcom.angelfire.com
• Datavis: http://datavis.bandcamp.com

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