♫♪  Moon B - D>I>M

The concept of recording an EP, LP, whatever, anything original from the ground up in a set amount of time (hour/day/week/arbitrary number a dart hit then applied to a time unit) is equal parts fun, daunting, and easy to scrutinize. Within an overactive mind the timed challenge fun. There are infinite directions to travel and, because of predetermined restraints, only a few can be taken. The daunting part comes near its end. Where the roads need to converge as thanks to the god of cohesion. Within a slower creative space the two switch. The process of beginning boarders terrifying. All the roads are there but fuck I just lost a contact. So you feel around, slowly, until you instinctively know you’re on a trail and the fun begins without the terror of erecting a golden statue to the god of cohesion.

Scrutiny is hella subjective and you should be ashamed of yourselves.But it’s natural to assume a timed project wasn’t fleshed out or explored as well as another without restriction.

I don’t know if Moon B’s D>I>M, which was recorded over a week between August 18-25, led off with a time cap. The four-track EP boasts rougher edges through its less polished, lo-fi production, but nothing is taken away from the casually breezy beats it brings. The sun’s going down later and later now which means 6 o’clock dusk which means fall which means windows down and what Moon B is rolling up might not look perfect, but it smokes well.

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