♫♪  Moon Eyed - “Heart in the Shade”

The post-Tiki vibes of “Heart in the Shade” seem perfectly fit for the cooler temps and mild temperaments of Toronto duo Moon Eyed. The husband and wife tap into the warmth of Hawaiian summers that are quickly fading into the dusk of Canadian winters. The melody of “Heart in the Shade” from the forthcoming Haleiwa is a far less radical approach to the lo-fi psychedelia Moon Eyed presents throughout their first release for Pleasence. Where much of the album has a weird electronica vibe like your Grandmother playing the mellotron in the parlour, “Heart in the Shade” is reminiscent of similar pop perverter Trevor Tremaine’s Attempt. And pardon the pun, but Moon Eyed’s attempt at a similar path is a successful one. The whole cassette hits just in time for fall, but will keep you warm throughout the long winter as you dream of warmer climates and happier times.

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