♫♪  More Eaze - firesid3 ch​@​t r00m

When More Eaze (then know to us as M RUBZ) gave his final wave to TMT in June of ‘15, the fellow has been hard at work, advancing musical pursuits far and wide. So it was just a matter of time the More Eaze project would find itself on Orange Milk Records. Nobody is in bed with nobody, so scratch that idea, because firesid3 ch​@​t r00m earned its own way onto the OM discography, which was an equally rewarding treasure for the label to also behold. The More Eaze project follows similar singer/songwriter/productionist/occultist/alchemist in the lineage of OM’s releases, but expands it in a more singular way that explores the extent of natural born vocal sounds and synthetically glitched electronic engineering. But who’s mending what? Does the plug control the comfort of More Eaze’s artistic intent? What about singing through the digital age with a little assisted guidance. Who’s even navigating this ship?

Find yourself a GPS, map out an afternoon with a feel sides of More Eaze’s new reel firesid3 ch​@​t r00m only on Orange Milk Records. Traverse reality in a completely micro-chipp’d world:

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