♫♪  More Eaze - “fleabag in D”

More Eaze’s Marcus Maurice adds a pantomimium flourish to Phinery’s ten tape strong August batch launch with his compulsively jaunty “fleabag in D.”

Shouts to More Eaze for some of the most silly/interesting song titles I’ve seen all year. See see see materiality is easy. Shouts to the album title, too, 2stre3ss. Shouts to stressing, not sleeping, hitting keys, tapping screen, deleting, repeating, losing it a bit, in and out and in. This being a bit of a messy thing, obsessing, consuming, and the freaky-beautiful confusion of working with it in head, out of head. Not being able to stop it, as the after-mentioned keys are hit, again, again, are messed with.

This batch also includes new releases from G.S Sultan, LXV, and Christian Michael Filardo, each of which comes with a sparkling sample track to stream before they all drop like so many golden eggs on September 25. See/feel all over at Phinery.

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