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At times, More Eaze’s principal creator and creative destroyer Marcus Rubio seems more like a ambi-limbed, music-making amoeba than a song-thought orientated human. Rubio performs under multiple names, and in various styles of sound deconstruction (full disclosure: he also may be a writer at Tiny Mix Tapes. We’re a weird bunch). Since 2015, his experimental arm(s) has been steadily producing music that can be irreverent, hymnal, and crunk all within the same “song.” I hesitate from using the traditional term for a single aural illustration because his compositions seem so much more fluid than that.

On sm00f, Rubio’s eazy new tape for Never Anything Records, up from the ether bubbles techno collages, black metal growls, plunderphonics, electronica rich in melody and MIDI tricks, and droning guitar on the title track. “g05p1ll” is a more straightforward exploration into form, taking a serene choir and holding it close to a noisy flame in order to observe the radiant bits and drips melting away. A pulsing runs through the track; it turns into a decapitated voice on “(sortes vergilinae)” that escapes from the rigidity of typical musical structures, running wild through the digital ether and coming into contact with trigger-happy drumming on the title track. Rubio always works to deconstruct the “song,” and to extend the possibilities of its blown-up bits beyond just time and intensity. While his previous work, w0rk (most Eaze tapes speak l33t), filled the empty space with elastic violin and acoustic instrumentation, sm00f is largely an exploration of empty, disembodied places.

sm00f is now available from Never Anything Records for one Lincoln plus change on cassette, the chosen music format of #Real Americans!

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