♫♪  Motion Sickness of Time Travel - Penchant Mode

Rachel Evans, who records her solo work as Motion Sickness of Time Travel (often shortened to MSOTT), is so totally on fire right now. She has already released five separate albums in 2013. When I started writing this blurb, Penchant Mode was the freshest MSOTT out there. But nooow, it’s sold out and there are two forthcoming releases that would be even more hip to talk about. Oh well. February really wasn’t that long ago and Penchant Mode is still ripe a hell, and you can listen to it below.

Supposedly recorded on Halloween of last year, Penchant Mode features the uncharacteristically groovy piece “Initiation,” which retains a dark and slightly disco arpeggio throughout, while haunting vocals and piercing tones slide along the driving rhythm. Side B holds “Growing Things,” which grows indeed, as it paints an image of a kid in a robot costume, as opposed to the more funky Frankenstein on side A.

• Motionsickness of Time Travel: http://motionsicknessoftimetravel.bandcamp.com/
• No Kings: http://nokingsrecord.co

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