Motion Sickness of Time Travel
“One Perfect Moment” [excerpt]

Holy shit!! If only you could hear the full version of this track. Goodness, me. It’s like —er, it HAS been my entire Thursday morning. Not only do I despise Thursday mornings at work, but I equally disregard [Experts]. However, y’all GOTTA here this excerpt of “One Perfect Moment.” I mean, if you know how to use the internet, I’m sure you can come across the full version. But just know a 21-ish-minute track like this exists out there, and it turns Thursday morning into an afternoon. Tell ya what, let’s try an experiment, click that LIKE button at the top of this screen and we’ll see what happens. Won’t change the fact that Rachel Evans’ self titled Motion Sickness of Time Travel 2xLP comes out on Spectrum Spools May 15, th’oh. Still gotta wait for that. But you can get it digital and pre-order it now.

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