♫♪  Mount Eerie with Julie Doiron - “Belief pt. 2”

Phil Elverum starting his second forest fire. (Photo: Rin-san Jeff Miller)

Ahead of their joint album Lost Wisdom pt. 2, Mount Eerie and Julie Doiron are sharing another single, the harmonically-rich “Belief pt. 2.” It’s described by Phil Elverum as a “night song.” Of the fulfilled night? I have no words.

From Phil Elverum:

“Belief pt. 2” is the last song on the album. It comes at the end of a meandering path through uncertainty, devotion, sad reminiscence, hopeful idealism; songs coursing over uneven terrain. This album conclusion is a flag planted, a declaration of belief in love no matter what, the culminating answer to all of the asking that came before. Eroded down by life’s changes to an elemental necessity, I make an offering of a final simple gesture of love.

Julie and I recorded this song at night with the doors and windows all the way open, hoping to get the nighthawks and night air onto the recording. The other songs were recorded during the day, but this song is a night song. We tried to make our version of sacred music, under stars in the high dark cool air.

Pre-order Lost Wisdom pt. 2 here before its November 8 release date, and listen to “Belief pt. 2” below:

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