♫♪  Mount Eerie - The Last Hit (Soundtrack)

Have you ever listened to The Glow Pt. 2 and thought “oh man, I wish I could just isolate these droned out organ sections, add a little guitar, and listen to the result on repeat?” And then did you think to yourself, “Hey! That sure would be great paired with some footage of failed hit-men walking around in the woods!” Well, do I have the record/film for you!

Phil Elverum recorded just such a soundtrack to the film The Last Hit in 2005 and despite referencing Neil Young’s score to the Johnny Depp vehicle Dead Man as an influence, it’s very distinctly Elverum. According to his mysterious notes about the soundtrack, the film was made by some dude named Chris from Ontario and no copy of the work in its entirety was ever obtained. Even though we can’t hear/see Elverum’s music with its intended visual accompaniment, the score works pretty damn well on its own. Plenty of beautiful doom-laden textures abound and hint at the black metal via Angelo Badalamenti world that Elverum would create on future Mount Eerie releases.

Check out the film’s trailer and stream the soundtrack below:

• Mount Eerie: http://www.pwelverumandsun.com

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