♫♪  Mournful Congregation - “Scripture Of Exaltation And Punishment”

At a clearing, where what looks like the horizon ebbs, a precipice takes shape. It approaches like a tide, without receding. You are not walking toward it. The precipice is approaching. The more you inch back, the closer it comes, until your push off finds no purchase, and your left foot extends beyond. Frantic fingers flail to no avail, as you go over the cliff. On your way down, you discern escarpments jutting up from below. Yet, the crags are in fact teeth.

A growl, unleashed from eons ago, begins the metabolic process. Longitudinal waves exert alternating pressure on skin and muscle, initiating the breakdown. It is the feeling of being perpetually wrapped in a cobweb coma that slothfully constricts. The relentless mechanism with an unknowable hunger seeks only to satiate.

By barking witness to “Scripture Of Exaltation And Punishment,” you have entered a monumental maw where Mournful Congregation digests you. Out March 23 via 20 Buck Spin on CD, LP, CS, and digital.

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