♫♪  Mr. Oizo - Unreleased Unfinished Unpleasant

Looks like people’s champ Lil B isn’t the only one to have dropped a strange and oblong load on your family bird this past Turkey Day: Mr. Oizo, the original French touch provocateur, went ahead and brought his own seamy ‘n steamy .zip to the table. Titled Unreleased Unfinished Unpleasant, the collection delivers exactly what’s labeled on the tin, at last loosing a dozen costive holdovers from the past nine years of his career. Most of it’s actually perfectly listenable, and it can be slowly extracted from the cold dead hard drive of Oizo’s bullshit website, graciously free of charge.

And let’s see the Based God try to make a feature length film, huh? Oizo, known at your local cinema/criminal records service as Quentin Dupieux (TMT interview), has been hard at work on a couple of films this year — including the highly Ben Pearson-anticipated Wrong Cops. It stars Marilyn Manson, about whom Lil B has in fact noted a physical resemblance to himself. Which makes us wonder: what might happen were he and this wily Frenchman actually to share a meal?

• Mr. Oizo: http://oizo3000.com

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