♫♪  Mudd Corp - Oh. Snap.

No conversation of this tape is going to begin without a discussion of the shell. How old are you guys? Did you have wooden desks in high school? I think we had prefab ones leftover from the 1970s by the time I hit ninth grade, but that didn’t stop us from carving our favorite bands into the chairbacks in front of us or scribbling weird messages to our friends we knew were coming in the following period. So when I see these completely opaque shells covered in woodgrain design with the exact same kind of penwork that we covered our desks with, I’m immediately transported into my past.

Belgian artist Mudd Corp’s celebration of innocent transgressions such as these carries over into the utter playfulness of his new EP for Third Kind, Oh. Snap. This joyous release is “just in time for his five gig weekend in his home city’s BEM18, the Brussels Electronic Marathon,” which was, uh, awhile ago at this point. But still! You have this lovely artifact to keep you company during the long nights of regret at missing your favorite Belgian artists. The effervescent IDM Mudd Corp plies is reminiscent of Aphex Twin’s work, and it will serve to get your limbs properly herking and jerking enough that you’ll forget about the tears that have long since dried into unbecoming streaks on your face. There you go — I see you smiling again.

I mean, the motto of the release itself is “For those who would rather have fun than look good.”

Immerse yourself in these 11 bubbling, bursting tracks (generous for an EP, right?), and wiggle without thinking about it, no matter where you are. Are you in your bedroom? Wiggle! Are you out and about in town? Wiggle! Are you at work? Wiggle at your boss! Are you in school? Carve “Mudd Corp” on your desk and wiggle till they send you to the principal’s office!

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