♫♪  Mykki Blanco - “Moshin In The Front” Feat. Cities Aviv (Prod by Naked)

Mmm, having gone NOWHERE but UP, Mykki Blanco continues her roll with “Moshin In The Front” through the help of vocal butcher Cities Aviv and trill production of by Naked. Last time I saw Mykki, people were BUGGING in the front, dancing up a sweat storm of joy, and bringing in New Years moments before DJ Rashad dawned the stage. Last time I saw Cities Aviv was at Body Actualized (an after-hours yoga studio venue) — who Jono Mi Lo opened for and spiked the vibe up MAX — and my pal Ritch and I walked in during his last song, and he just forced his way into a politely dancing crowd, pretty much pissing everyone off. Yet, it completely fit his vibe. Shit, the whole “Moshin In The Front” vibe is pretty much dead-pan for real with Mykki and Aviv. Only thing missing was some ACE production work from Naked, grumbling sound-off, crumbling beat, smacked-up snares… the instrumental pummels listeners alone. Then the vocal back-up comes and chews off heads.

Dunno what “via @UNOnyc 28.10” means in the SoundCloud, but I’m good on that. Just listen to “Moshin In The Front” below and feel the fight:

• Mykki Blanco: http://mykkiblancoworld.com
• Cities Aviv: http://www.aviv-life.com
• Naked: https://soundcloud.com/Naked
• UNO NYC: http://unonyc.com

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