“Mamma Cry”

Interesting. My retort to your “Mamma Cry” question, Mystikal: “Why have you been thrown in prison multiple times for sexual assault?” Like, at what point does a celebrity recognize s/he has just the same power as every other human being? For example, the power of patience more than need.

Okay, this IS Mystikal’s year. He’s been talking about how we all waiting for him. Not really bragging about WHY he was in prison, but just that he was and wasn’t rotting while locked up. I get it. YMCMB gets it. But it’s real fucking hard to enjoy a convinced sex offender’s art.

Yet I’m right there with him on not paying taxes and shit. That’s hardcore Wesley Snipes shit. And to completely change what I was saying before, maybe I am more interested in his work because potentially he’s changed, right? Years of prison. “And we beat the shit outta you.”

Art does reciprocate humanity and change. Always the question: is art created by evil just as desirable, if not MORE, than art created by good? You get joy with “good” art, and it’s easy to feel pleasant listening to it. It’s just way harder to create art that people may find attractively repulsive.

Not saying any of Mystikal’s music does this so far, but maybe it’s deeply rooted. And I’m totally not one to listen to lyrics and decipher their meaning. So, all in all, I’m glad Mystikal is back. I’ve been waiting a while, and this dude just belts years of silence into slices of nasty tracks.

I like how I’m writing all of this in short paragraphs. Does it make my shit look poignant? “Nah!!” On the real, when the FUCK is the Original LP hitting “stores?” I need it to rape my ears. Poor choice of words? Full-circle writing. I want an audio sample of my girl doing her Mystikal impression…

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