♫♪  Nadja & Vampillia - /ɪmpəˈfɛkʃ(ə)n/

Now here is the kind of summer jam I have been waiting for! Enough of the celebration, fun, and sun — it’s making me ill. On /ɪmpəˈfɛkʃ​(​ə​)​n/, doom-gazers Nadja and Osaka-based Vampillia successfully capture what the annual melt time has been like for me as of late: a disorienting, half-crazed, seemingly endless slog through the deepest recesses of self-loathing, fear, and madness. Agonizingly slow guitar riffs amble heatsick along a dusty unmarked road, nearly tumbling over in nausea and fatigue. The darkness is somewhat alleviated by the heavenly strings of Vampillia, which suggest an escape from suffocating despair; but over the course of two lengthy tracks, this false notion of relief is teased out to a point of abject despondency. Burning August gives way to the slow death of fall.

Sounds pretty appealing, right? In line with the music’s wandering nature, /ɪmpəˈfɛkʃ​(​ə​)​n/ was released as a counterpart to the artists’ recent tour of Japan. You can stream and purchase the full album at Nadja’s Bandcamp.

• NADJA: http://nadja.bandcamp.com
• VAMPILLIA: http://vampillia.bandcamp.com

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