♫♪  naps - “For Sale”

Australia’s naps is preparing the release of his first “long-player,” a lush 14-track tripper for This Thing. Entitled Hydrate, the album does much more than satiate my love for the deep and aqueous. It has a powerful transcendence radiating from the depths of its meditation. The single “For Sale” is a lo-fi, gooey sonic exploration. It bubbles and tumbles along via rickety percussion smoothing out a steadily jelly synth, milking and winding ‘til we expect some sort of a drop. Instead naps gives us an introspective slew of arpeggiated nostalgia. The effort is an evolution for traditional “beat-music” which can become all too often redundant and unexplorative. Naps resolves any superfluity with ingenuity, elevating contemplation to a next level. Next level things are cool. Naps’ new album is cool. If a=b, and b=c, then a=c. Listen.

• naps: https://soundcloud.com/naps
• This Thing: http://www.thisthing.us

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