♫♪  Nicholas Langley - Nix Six New Plus Two

“Six new tracks plus two made in 2001, this EP compiles all the tracks that were too cute to go on the forthcoming LP” (emphasis mine).

Sure, OK, the new LP isn’t going to be “cute,” I get it, but that doesn’t mean that Nicholas Langley’s Nix Six New Plus Two is too cute, meaning precious to the point of saccharine, does it?

No, it does not.

Still, there’s this:

Enough! I love it! I want to cuddle this tape and snuggle with it!

Sure, it’s true that the melodies are of the type that bring instant smiles to your face, like the unrepentantly jaunty synth bounce of “Happy Birthday” or the 39-second video game snippet “UP.” Other songs feature titles like “Milkshake Times” and “Happy Christmas.” These are four examples out of eight. Where are we, a Power Pill Fist album with these googly tracks?

Still, if you’re in need of a synthetic jolt of sugar to your bloodstream and only have time to click on the streaming link below before you pass out, you’re in good shape with Nicholas Langley. Check out the other Third Kind wares while you’re there — if you’re conscious, of course.

Wait, did Nicholas say “forthcoming LP” up there?!

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