♫♪  Nickelus F - “Da Reaper” [prod. by Shawn Kemp]

January 23, 2013: Lil Ugly Mane (producer alias: Shawn Kemp) posts to Facebook, “nickelus f x shawn kemp e.p is gonna drop next week.” However, much to the chagrin of various ghouls, demons and Virginians, that didn’t happen, and altogether, not much else has been seen or heard of the sorcerer apothecary since then, except for this Sunday night performance at Chaos in Tejas, which, rumor has it, Ugly says will be his last.

…Satanic sad face : (>

Wake up this morning, come into work, pop a few Savannah Smiles only to discover a new Nickelus F x Shawn Kemp track premiered sometime last night, in the darkness, no doubt cloaked by the black cowl of death herself. Well, the fog has lifted to reaveal this as probably the illest of the three tunes NickShawn have dropped thus far (the other two being “Dirty Street Level” and “EMU”, which dropped 1/12/13 and 1/17/13, respectively). And three songs is basically an EP, right? : )>

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