♫♪  Nicolas - “Date Cuenta”

Celebration of the withering and elderly is moot. As moot as the word moot’s existence in today’s language. And it ticks on into what Nicolas (Esteban Aldrete) provides as home. Comfort in the state of bouldering paranoia and anxiety, he keeps the suspense within the crevices of goose bumps, forever. The phone is ringing and nobody wants to answer. Don’t know if they around or not. Or got the fists or fingers to operate the receiver. Fraught with decisions and too much time, many beckon to the arch when they “Date Cuenta.” Scream it now: “Date Cuenta!”

Soft in suspect, but vast in depth. No. Nicolas, NO! Creep up and crank that dance by the bedpost. Make it more than the music and heavier than the situation. Wake up the neighbors. Stop into their living room. Become thy neighbor. It’s almost too much to take in and all the while exhilarating. Stars and SARS and scars; streaks of the unknown succumb to satiable singularity. Morph of mind and transference of you, you “Date Cuenta.”

Night People creaks the corners with Nicolas on Las Lomas II, and for 45 minutes, it’s all green and brown, flaking lobes and budging globes.

• Night People: http://raccoo-oo-oon.org/np

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