♫♪  Night Court - “Indictment”

Another gem from our pals at Not Not Fun, this one a scorcher of an LP from a collective of Minneapolis musicians who’ve contributed, in one form or another, to some of my favorite music to come out of that chill town: Food Pyramid, Daughters of the Sun, Dreamweapon (yeaaaaahhhhh!!!). Night Court was conceived on a trip up to northern Wisconsin, where the musicians ingested some “trippy shit” and threw down one take jams based on police procedural shows (although, for the record, Night Court the TV show was not a procedural show but a workplace sitcom about some wacky characters working the night shift in NYC). “Indictment,” which premiered via FACT, is a prime example of the record’s vibe, and it does not disappoint. Blurred electronics meld with a blazing sax solo, with appropriately law-oriented sound bites wafting in the background. In all honesty, you don’t really need to know the backstory of the record, because it’s as coherent and incredible as any record that’s been labored over for years. There’s no street date announced as of this writing, but be on the lookout for Night Court’s Law & Order next month.

NOTE: The pic above is not the album cover art, but maybe it should be?

• Not Not Fun: www.notnotfun.com

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