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Everybody has a few go-to-moves, like flipping a table over to get your point across or high-fiving someone with your foot instead of your hand. Well, the newly sprung Oxtail Recordings is no different, even if they are just a wee little baby of a label (thanks to the Tabs Out crew for the heads up). So far, Oxtail’s go-to-move is rocking shit in the slumped and disfigured department. Twisted loops of bent static, atmospheric swells of moody drones, and damaged and contorted samples make up the bulk of their first two tapes, Meeker by label captain Nigro and Chapters by Primitive Fiction. Now, the label’s Bandcamp description claims their output to be “ambient noise and broken songs,” but my editor wouldn’t let me just re-post the label description and call it a day for some STUPID reason, so I had to give you all the above mumbo-jumbo just to keep the Sea Moan-stir at bay. Blame him, not me!

Oxtail Recordings got themselves a bundle deal, too, where you save a few dollars if you grab both tapes. Maybe put that money towards some sort of refreshemnt, or perhaps fill up your local gas station’s take-a-penny, leave-a-penny tray to an annoying degree. The choice is yours!

• Nigro: http://mikenigro.bandcamp.com
• Oxtail Recordings: http://oxtailrecordings.bandcamp.com

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