♫♪  Nikmis - #17

Congregation, please turn your hymnals to “Nikmis #17.” Follow along with the music as our mechanical organist plays the refrain. There are no words – this is a moment of silent contemplation, of majestic wonderment at the frozen heavenly hosts that surely watch over this building, guarding it from the fiery temperament coursing through the veins of sinners everywhere.



How must we live in the knowledge of our salvation? How can we accept the everlasting afterlife brought to us by the radiant diodes and transistors, tubes and wires, circuits and chips? Where is our corporeal release? For whom do we toil?

We must answer these questions, each one for him- or herself. We must learn to accept life for what it is, a series of notes buoying us through tumult, through hardship, and we must rely on these melodies to certify a worthy existence. Play on, mechanical organist . . .

For death comes to us all!

Nikmis’s #17 cassette is available from the lovely folks at Third Kind Records.

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