♫♪  nkisi - “collective self-defence”

There is a peripheral blur to nikisi’s music, an incessant driving rhythmic centre, tipple-tailing over itself, gathering as much as it looses on its steep descent.

Like some of her past video art, the sounds never quite come into focus, instead rooting the listener (Hey! That’s you!) into a bizarre, jarring spot: at once a small, dry room, catastrophically hard; and still, a weightless Rainbow Road of fleeting melodic apprehension.

While earlier SoundCloud experimentations seemed more clearly annexed to specific genres — Kuduro, Happy Hardcore, Jersey Club — nkisi’s latest two uploads push through to something much less familiar.

Fast, present, forceful; the songs thrust forward with mechanical rigour; pissed off, righteously violent, not escaping the structures - of colony, of race, of gender, pointed to in every song title – that threaten at every turn, but exposing them, in all their banal evil, via the only real safety there is: defense through attack.

• nkisi : https://soundcloud.com/nkisi

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