No Joy
“Hare Tarot Lies”

“Dude, No Joy is the best band ever. Two hot blonde girls just shredding away. Sooooo amazing.” So tweeted Best Coast’s Bethany Consentino waaaay back in 2010. In the years that have since followed, the Montreal dream poppers have shared their swooning shoegaze stage show with not only Ms. Consentino, but also Surfer Blood, Wire, and Clinic, with the last of whom they’re currently on tour. The outfit is gearing up to release Wait to Pleasure on April 22, and judging from “Hare Tarot Lies” and the earlier-released “Lunar Phobia,” it appears that they’re determined to rally against the monotonous drone created by their guitars. The background roar here is very Loveless, but the additional touches feel fresh — the piano creeping along underneath the din, the soothing harmonies circling above it, the sun-washed guitar fractals continuing throughout. Not sure if No Joy is the best band ever, but this new material from Wait to Pleasure definitely merits a listen. It’s shoegaze with more space to breathe, and here, a little wiggle room goes a long way.

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