♫♪  Nonhorse - “Blood Bore 1,2,3 & 4”

Nonhorse is the melted piece of asphalt still stuck on your left shoe after three years. Nonhorse is that crust in your eyes when you wake up. Nonhorse is your neighbor’s kiddie pool, slimmed over with green goo. Nonhorse is the magic of dumpster diving and finding a sealed jar of almonds next to a bootleg copy of Blue Velvet. Nonhorse is the street preacher whose megaphone batteries are dying. Nonhorse is nothing.

“Blood Bore 1,2,3 & 4” is presumably an excerpt (though it might be an entire side) off Nonhorse’s cassette, ¡Troll Zaibatzu!, on San Jose Tapes. Grab a copy here, and delve into the twenty minute ear fucking below:

• Nonhorse: http://nonhorse.com
• San Jose Tapes: http://sanjosetapes.com

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