♫♪  Nova Scotia The Truth - “hoops & braids”

“only what diverges communicates”
By which I think she means that selfhood is a negotiation between you and me (baby)

As we make attachments - to a friend, to a drug, to a TV character, to a favourite piece of jewellery - we reassert and surrender our autonomy in multiple ways.

This, in some ways, is the essence of ‘care’.

And yet, for some, not offered the safe illumination of the white, cis, male body: “In directing our care towards ourselves we are redirecting care away from its proper objects, we are not caring for those we are supposed to care for we are not caring for the bodies deemed worth caring about” , a radical act.

Mourning and violence here take divergent forms too, as grief, the loss of self in the loss of another, entails a form ‘dispossession’: “despite my affinity for the term relationality, we may need other language to approach the issue that concerns us, a way of thinking about how we are not only constituted by or relations but also dispossessed by them as well”

So grief must also be redirected to people for whom it has been denied - and the attachments we do make should also be understood as a ‘dispossession’ of the self, constituted differently across these intersections.

“in hoops and braids I never once gave into the blade”

Enclaves and interweaving, the presence of violence as both invisibility and focus.

Shades of Fatima Al Qadiri’s Asiatisch, but with a slow, pensive sparseness: less Red Bull and hi-def gloss, more mushroom tea and overlapping youtube tabs.

A many self-care of many selves: Nova Scotia / Nova / DJ Scotia / NOVA SCOTIA the TRUTH / Shaheeda Sinckler

Hidden behind a waterfall.

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