♫♪  Nova Scotian Arms - “Citadel”

This Quiet Evenings member and Hooker Vision co-founder has just released his debut solo vinyl and his most distinctive and visionary work to date as Nova Scotian Arms. Cult Spectrum delivers 37 minutes of languid, labyrinthine drones meticulously constructed with a nest of synths, keyboards, weird pedals, tape scraps, and beautifully heady thoughts. “Citadel” conjures an image of an ancient mountainside jewel in some Calvino-style imaginary city; it’s a simple melody cloaked in fog, with deep deep history — the perfect album to finally canonize NSA on wax. The cream-colored vinyls were mastered by the illustrious Lawrence English and feature some choice album artwork of ink painted on 35mm film by Grant Evans himself. Already sold out at Digitalis, this ought to be hitting the distros right about now.

• Nova Scotian Arms: http://novascotianarms.blogspot.com
• Digitalis: http://foxydigitalis.com/digiv035.html

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