♫♪  Nullspace // P E A K I N G - Split

Being a tape junkie is probably a lot like being a regular junkie, just without the whole heroin thing. For instance, you get to know the sound of your mail carriers truck as it puts along in your neighborhood. It’s revved engine even sparks a spike in your blood pressure. You get to know label-heads’ handwriting too, and can tell what’s in the yellow package and who it’s from before you even hold in your hands. You also go through withdrawals when nothing shows up.

Which brings me to last week. No surprise, I got a package in the mail. And no surprise again, I got giddy, I got goofy, but I got GOT! I’d forgotten that I’d ordered the Nullspace // P E A K I N G split from Illuminated Paths, but there it was, in my mailbox. Needless to say, it was a good thing. When I popped the cassette in my deck, the mellow grooves and steady slaps which poured forth from my speakers soothed and smoothed my addicted mind with great care and comfort. And after a few spins, the pairing of the two artists began to make more and more sense. Each of the beat-builders are deft with the sample game, employing the knowwithall when to chop and when to let it an original piece just ride. They get it, get it?

Listen for yourself down yonder, and pick up a copy from Illuminated Paths right over here ⇒ 666.

Nullspace: https://soundcloud.com/nullspace
P E A K I N G : https://soundcloud.com/nodsupreme
Illuminated Paths: https://illuminatedpaths.bandcamp.com

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