♫♪  object blue - REX

object blue follows her assertively clamorous and addictively danceable debut EP, Do you plan to end a siege?, released back in March on Tobago Tracks with a forthcoming LP, REX, on Let’s Go Swimming.

Where her Tobago release presented big, dense handfuls of flourishing electronic expressions sprinkled on top of even bigger drums, REX finds blue tinkering with layers of sparse rhythms in what feels like more introspective and lateral terms.

The club and its presence, so particular to her sound, occupies a more complex and cagey position. It takes a moment in the corner. It drowns all else out. It focuses on a face across the room. It is arranged into an assortment of nuanced identities in each track rather than existing as an empty vessel to carry swells of endlessly moving bodies. A transitional contemplation.

Hear selections from the album below and pre-order the LP here, which is set to be released on July 22. After that, listen to a recent interview where she talks about her upbringing in China, her path to techno making, live sets versus albums, and the loose conceptualisms that have and will continue to carry her sound as it develops throughout this year and beyond.

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