♫♪  Obsidian Needles - Coronal Mass Ejection

Nothing gets me set for the holidays quite like a harsh noise tape. Portland, Oregon’s Obsidian Needles delivers on their most recent cassette, Coronal Mass Ejection. If noise, industrial, or power electronics are your thing, there is much to like here. A sonic punch to the face, Obsidian Needles turns it up to 11 and never lets go from there. The A-side, “Penelope,” tears you up and spits you back out, while the B-side of “Reality Is Isolation” is like standing in the middle of a power generator emanating toxic waste. Coronal Mass Ejection is such a powerful assault on your ears that once the tape runs out, you can feel your heart skip a beat when the silence arrives. Sometimes you gotta strap yourself in and embrace the primal ferocity of a tape like this. Stream below and head to No Rent’s shop to claim a copy.

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