♫♪  Ocean Age - “Hard to Begin”

Is “organic” a process, evolving through scientific breakthroughs and technological advances? Or does it just mean that someone pulled something straight out of the ground and served it up to the rest of us? Way back in 2010, Portland’s Ocean Age released their simply yet appropriately named EP, Forest, which sounded as pulled-from-nature as pop music made with a laptop and a bunch of electronics could sound. “Hard to Begin” still feels like some tree-hugging dance party, except the trees have evolved into those laser-light-show-type trees from the forests on the planet in Avatar.

Listen to a preview of the song below, and look for the full version on their debut album, Vision Quest, to be self-released at some point in the future when the band gets back from prancing whimsically through fields, arms raised as leaves fall around them slowly. Hippies.

• Ocean Age: http://www.oceanage.bandcamp.com

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